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Our solutions cover design, Information technology (IT)/Intellectual property (IP), start-up, technology selection, installation, and commissioning.

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Ashayeri Development and Consulting Company (ADC) in several departments was established in 2021 aiming to present new ideas and apply technology in electrical & automation systems.

Meter and complete estimation of electrical equipment, control system and instrumentation of industrial plants and preparation and registration of engineering documents and design, purchase, and execution contracts.

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Basic Design, Detail Design and Review in Electrical and Instrumentation Field, Includes:

  • Drawings and calculations of distribution networks include the determination of the type of network, the determination and calculation of cable sizes, the design and selection of cabling routes, such as (Conduit bank, cable trench, cable ladder, cable tray, etc.) and the design and selection of distribution boards and lighting.
  • Preparation and design of single-line drawings of electrical boards at various voltage levels.
  • Configuration and protection relay test (ABB, SIEMENS, AREVA, GE, etc.)
  • Advice services and Installation of all drives and LV engines.
  • Design, computing, implementation and testing of earth and lightning systems according to valid standards.
  • Design, computing and execution of capacitor banks, battery, and charger chargers.
  • Study and design in Hazard environments along with a Hazard Study document tailored to that industrial plant.
  • Sizing, Installation of high-end and low-power diesel generators.
  • Calculation and design of cathodic protection system.

Electrical engineering networks studies using ETAP software to:

  • To conduct short network studies to determine short and short circuit short-circuit (Short Circuit Study) values.
  • Performing Load Flow Study, Motor Starting, Harmonic Study.
  • Performing the Protection Relay Setting Determination.

Design and calculation of lighting:

  • Design and calculation of lighting of buildings, streets and roads using DIALux software with Database. Home lighting equipment manufacturers.


Designing and consulting in the selection of automation systems and industrial instruments include:

  • Sensors and instruments for measuring pressure, temperature, discharge, surface, density, analyzers, and all kinds of instrumentation transducers.
  • Industrial PLCs in different sizes and types.
  • Industrial controllers for control loops.
  • Designing the choice of DCS systems.
  • Design and selection of HMI software based on process requirements.
  • Calculation, design, and implementation of CCTV systems.
  • Calculation, design, and implementation of Telecommunication & Paging System.

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