About us


About us

Ashayeri Development and Consulting Company (ADC) in several departments was established in 2021 aiming to present new ideas and apply technology in electrical & automation systems.

Meter and complete estimation of electrical equipment, control system and instrumentation of industrial plants and preparation and registration of engineering documents and design, purchase, and execution contracts.

Our solutions cover design, Information technology (IT)/Intellectual property (IP), start-up, technology selection, installation, and commissioning.

ADC continues to hold its leading market position by implementing innovative approaches to new solutions in the electrical and automation system field.


Development Department

Because employers need to continually improve productivity, Technical Development of personnel and decrease operation cost, Ashayeri Development Consulting Company (ADC) by using valuable reserves of the organization knowledge required for the employers, with design and render practical programs and training can Improve employers human force ability. The training falls in different areas of engineering systemic, control and management science, engineering software, design, and supervision on various areas of repair, operation, and maintenance, etc.


Consulting Department

  • Providing consulting and technical and engineering services in the field of designing the whole project, including hardware and software design.
  • Providing consulting and technical and engineering services during the project.
  • Providing technical engineering documents and news in the field of better promotion of industrial activities.
  • Providing new designs and appropriate solutions in carrying out industrial projects based on the latest technology in the world.

Technical Department

The department includes Electricity, Control and Automation, Instrumentation, Installation sections. The main activities of this department are as follows:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Preliminary economic studies
  • Preparation of preliminary features and basic design
  • Detail design
  • Electrical executive plans
  • Plans and circuits of protection, controlling and industrial automation systems
  • Plans of lighting systems
  • Preparation of documents and technical specification of equipment required for projects
  • Preparation of documents and building plans required to be executed to construct factories’ sites
  • Preparation of documents required for utilization, maintenance, and repair of industrial machines.

Supervision Department

Ashayeri Development and Consulting Company (ADC) as the employer’s trusted company, supervises on performance of construction in order to ensure quality of engineering and construction services, construction costs, delivery time, compliance with environmental, safety and health issue the supervision includes control of designs carried out by contractors and other consultants as well as control of construction work in sites by experienced supervisors in different work fronts and different stages of operation and supervision on manufacture and test of equipment in local and foreign factories . Supervision on construction is carried out through approved and standardized documentations based on years of experience in engineering and construction work.

Our Mission

Ashayeri Development and Consulting company (ADC), as a technology-based company, are committed to create a sustainable value for our customers and other stakeholders through comprehensive solutions and presenting new ideas in electrical and automation systems and equipment in power plants, oil and gas industry, petrochemicals industry and other industries and factories.

Core Values

Why Choose Us?

Based on Ashayeri Development and Consulting Company (ADC) experience and the years of work in the electrical industry and industrial automation, ADC can proudly say that have provided a number of ideas, a number of industries businesses both small and large have arisen, and we continue to support them in their development. Our company is made up of new ideas who can not only give you the know-how and helping hands, but most importantly, it saves you energy and money. We work endlessly to ensure our partnership with clients moves forward in only the best way. Every new project becomes our goal and together with our clients we create a synergy, believing that together we will reach our goal faster.
We actively support our customers, promote partnerships, and make our knowledge and new ideas available to you. Thanks to customers positively accepting our work on the implementation of projects, we become their support along the road to developing new technology.


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